Danish Wounded Warriors Project


 Return to life with Polytrauma pilates for victims of traffic accidents or acts of physical violence

In this newly started project, we will be using advanced Pilates-based training to rehabilitate persons with complex injuries, to enable them to get back to a functional and more meaningful life. Our rehabilitation program is developed in collaboration with specialists from the United States and is currently attended by returned, seriously injured soldiers. The program has been a huge success, with 4 years of protocol studies yielding positive results. We now offer civilian victims of traffic accidents or physical violence the opportunity to receive the same specialized training. The project is supported by the Victims’ Foundation, and the training is free of charge.

The objective of the training:

We offer the participants an individual specialized training programs, once a week over a period of 2 years. The aim is to enable our participants to manage without help for everyday tasks and to achieve a higher quality of life.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the project the participants must be victims of traffic accidents or physical violence. The age group for the participants must be between 10 and 60 years. The participants have suffered traumatic injuries such as, but not limited to, amputations, nerve damage and, in general, damage to the musculoskeletal system, having a significant impact on daily functioning and gait.

How to apply:

Send us an email to jojobowman@danishwoundedwarriors.com with your name and phone number. Make a brief description of the accident / incident and the injuries / trauma to the musculoskeletal system caused by the accident. If we consider that you meet the requirements for the project target group, we will have a closer talk with you. In any case, you will hear from us.

Where does the training take place?

The training takes place in central Copenhagen at The Copenhagen Pilates Studio. It is a requirement that the participants can transport themselves to the training site.