Danish Wounded Warriors Project

Danish Wounded Warriors

War Wounds and Tutus

Besides the Fairytale “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” by Hans Christian Andersen – one doesn’t tend to associate Ballet Dancers with Soldiers – although there are in fact, more similarities in our training than one might have imagined.

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Veterans + Civilians

The success of the tried and testing training programs designed for the Danish Wounded Veterans, led to the inclusion of the civilians with multiple traumatic injuries in 2014.

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Evidence & Research

Evidence & Research show a documented 44.95% improvement of Quality of Life.

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The reason we do this

Nothing is more gratifying than when people with multiple traumatic injuries tells us that we have helped them to return to a meaningful life by minimizing the impact of their physcial and/ or mental impairments.

Testimonial 01

“I’ve increased my quality of life and faith in myself.”

– Physically wounded soldier who lost 3 centimetres in height when his spine was crushed when driving over a roadside bomb in Afghansitan resulting in neurological and spinal damage.

Testimonial 02

“ DWWP has given me the peace and understanding within my body that I have hungered for since I sustained my injuries.”

– Civilian with multiple injuries and Post Traumatic Stress.

Testimonial 03

“I feel so lucky to have been apart of the DWWP since day 1 when Jojo and Jessie walked into the hospital.”

– Soldier lost both legs, 5 fingers and sustained severe damage to both arms when standing on IED bomb in Afghanistan.